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Helpful Formulas

P = F/A
A = F/P
Area of a Circle = D Sq. X .7854

Hydraulic Pumps
GPM = [RPM X CID] / 231 X EFF
CID = [GPM X 231] / RPM
T = [CID X PSI] / 75.36 lbs ft
T = [CID X PSI] / 6.38 lbs inch
T = [HP X 5252] / RPM lbs ft
T = [HP X 63025] / RPM lbs inch
HP = [T X RPM] / 5252 lbs ft
HP = [T X RPM] / 63025 lbs inch

Hydraulic Motors
RPM = [GPM X 231] / CIR
CIR = [GPM X 231] / RPM
T = [CIR X PSI] / 75.36 lbs ft
T = [CIR X PSI] / 6.28 lbs inch

Glossary of Terms
F= Force
A= Area
P= Pressure
Eff. = Efficiency
HP = Horse Power
GPM= Gallons Per Minute
PSI = Pressure Per Sq. Inch
RPM= Revolutions Per Minute
231 = Cubic Inches in 1 Gallon
T= torque
CID = Cubic Inches Displaced per revolution [Pump]
CIR = Cubic Inches Displaced per revolution [Motor]

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